Common Symptoms and Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when the white blood cells of the body, along with certain chemicals, are working to protect our systems from infection or foreign substance like viruses and bacteria.

There are some instances where the defense system of the body, better known as our immune system, can trigger an inflammatory response for no apparent reason. These autoimmune diseases cause the body's immune system to damage its own tissue, which results in your body's response reacting as if there was something to battle in the first place - creating a vicious circle.

Some of the various diseases associated with inflammation may include rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis of the shoulder, and bursitis. There are also other painful conditions related to joints and muscles which aren't related to inflammation itself may include osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, pain of the lower back muscles as well as any muscular neck pain.

There are varying degrees of symptoms which could be experience with inflammation. However, not all cases are the same, and it's possible only a few of these symptoms present themselves within any particular case. Don't be sidetracked into thinking you need to experience all of the symptoms mentioned below to qualify for a diagnosis of inflammation.

The common characteristics of inflammation include redness or swollen joints that feel warm to the touch, joint pain or stiffness, and even loss of joint function. There is also the possibility of any inflammation resulting in general flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, fatigue, headaches and other various symptoms you experience with the flu.

Diagnosing Inflammation

The diagnostic process involves careful evaluations both from your primary physician and specialists in the areas of physical exams and complete medical history. They will then verify which joints or other locations are giving you the most pain, and verify the presence of stiffness upon wakening in the morning. Following this, they will evaluate other symptoms as well as the results from any tests or blood work which was conducted.

Treatments for inflammation caused by inflammatory diseases of the joints are numerous. They can include many factors such as rest and exercise, or possibly surgery if there has major damage sustained, thus needing repair. Additionally, your physician will take other personal information into consideration such as age, any particular medications you're on, as well as medical history partnered with the severity of the problem.

The goals are to avoid any activities which cause aggravation to the pain. Relief of pain is also treated with the use of either analgesics to relieve the pain, or anti-inflammatory medications. Other recommendations could include remaining as active as possible, so the affected joints remain mobile. It's a possibility your doctor will recommend braces or splints in order to decrease the amount of stress certain joints are experiencing.

Inflammation and Lifestyle Choices

Certain lifestyle choices can be made to assist in dealing with the issue of inflammation. There are particular dominating factors which are important to consider when faced with this particular diagnosis.

Nutrition — Seeing as proper nutrition is such an important factor in a health lifestyle, it's a wise decision to add a complete supplement to your diet.

Physical activity — Exercise itself holds potential medicinal value. If you find exercise is difficult for you, consider an aqua-fit course. The water will assist in facilitating your exercise by giving you that extra buoyancy.

Habits — If you are a smoker, use recreational drugs or alcohol and caffeine in excess result in our body fighting harder to expel the foreign substances from our body. This leaves less ‘power' for your system to work on the aspects of your health where it's needed most.

Remember to consult your physician if you have any questions concerning your health, or the treatments you are currently on. No article should replace the recommendations or advice of a qualified medical professional.



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